• Competition for the artists (not only)

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    Prizes will be awarded in 2 categories.

  • OXIDANE (Immersion 1)

    The 2016 theme is published!

    What is the Oxidane and how
    to understad it in terms of the festival?

  • News flash

    The Curator Competition has been arbitrated

    And the winners are… Lena Wicherkiewicz and Rob Garrett

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inSPIRACJE is a visual arts festival, that takes place in Szczecin, Poland since 2005. Each edition has a different theme, that defines the subjects of the works presented during the festival. inSPIRACJE consists of modern art exhibitions of several artists from all over the world and projects awarded in competition under the festival. Beside exhibitions, inSPIRACJE are always filled with performances, concerts, social campaigns and workshops.

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Read more about 2016 theme - OXIDANE

13 Muz Miasto Szczecin Ministerstwo Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego

TRAFO Muzeum Narodowe w Szczecinie Las Sztuki MIFP

2016 Theme announcement


The 2016 theme of the inSPIRACJE festival is OXIDANE (Immersion 1). 


Competition for artists inSPIRACJE 2016


As usual, we announce the competition for the artists. However, this time it's gonna be a bit different...


Results of the curatorial competition for inSPIRACJE


The Organizers of the International Festival of Visual Art inSPIRACJE have the pleasure to announce the winner of the curatorial competition for inSPIRACJE 2016 festival – madam Lena Wicherkiewicz.